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M.A.C. Senior Director

Talent & Leadership Development, Global CPG Company

Elizabeth McGoldrick’s brand of coaching takes a holistic approach, uncovering in the client new depths of self-awareness, purpose, and commitment. When I was in a corporate leadership role, I hired her as an executive coach to work with several managers on their performance and preparedness for advancement. She supported them in moving beyond outdated and disempowering mindsets, experimenting with new behaviors, and creating compelling visions for themselves and their teams.

On a personal level, Elizabeth’s integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. She has tremendous character and can be counted on to confront clients directly yet respectfully, holding them accountable and stretching them to higher standards. Her coaching will support any individual or team in increasing effectiveness and achieving higher levels of performance and overall satisfaction.

Paulina Caprio, CFA

Lead Change, Growth and People Performance

I initially hired Elizabeth to help me make a powerful personal transformation and she has delivered! Elizabeth has been more than a coach. She has been a dedicated partner in my journey and has been immensely generous with her time and support. She has the ability to help people see themselves more clearly and to challenge them in a loving and thoughtful way. She is fiercely committed to your progress and works hard to meet your coaching needs. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Elizabeth.

 L. L.


“Elizabeth helped me to navigate a very difficult time of transition in my life where everything was changing. With her deep wisdom, humor, compassion, insight and clear skillful guidance I was able to make decisions and choices and take big risks, which have helped me to move forward and begin to create the life I had been longing for. Through my work with Elizabeth, I now have greater confidence in myself, and my capacity to manifest my dreams as well as a deeper understanding of who I am at a core essence level. I also learned a broad range of practical tools, skills and a more positive, anything is possible, an outlook that is continuing to help me create and choose a life of greater authenticity, passion, joy and infinite possibility. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth.“

S. F.

Chicago IL

“After a great career working for some of the most sought after companies in corporate America, I suddenly and inexplicably found myself part of a downsizing. It was a major crisis for me both professionally and personally. Who was I without my title, position, paycheck etc? I was introduced to Elizabeth to support me in navigating my way through this dark time and to break through to the other side bigger and better than ever. Through Elizabeth’s skillful coaching I now have a direct, personal experience of what it means to truly reinvent myself.

Elizabeth is a wonderful coach who really LISTENS to what you are saying. Her approach is very organic. The path she takes with you is truly defined by your needs and not a book or pre-formatted approach. I was referred to Elizabeth by a very close friend who uses her at her company. My friend is also an HR leader for a well-known company here in Chicago. Elizabeth has enriched so many lives including mine. I could not have survived this difficult career transition without her assistance.”

Colin Chenery

Director One Group (Miessence)

Elizabeth consulted with us for almost 18 months and she has been both a professional and personal breath of fresh air. Elizabeth brings a unique blend of corporate experience in management, strategy and developing training systems along with years of high achievement out in the field through recruiting, team leadership and sales. This brings knowledge and experience throughout the company, representative and customer relationship spectrum. What is a delightful addition to that, is the passion Elizabeth puts into her work along with her ability to quickly connect with the nature of the business and the people in it. Elizabeth wins hearts as well as minds, which has helped our company build a stronger relationship with our niche market, better communicate what defines us and better engage our stakeholders. Elizabeth has made highly valued contributions with her insight and input in business development discussions, in addition to the tools and training she has provided.

After months of honest and challenging meetings, working respectfully with our own defined parameters and needs, along with her hard work in meeting her deliverables on time, within budget and beyond our expectations, I have come to greatly respect Elizabeth’s professionalism and consider her a friend and recommend her highly.

Narelle Chenery

Creative Director at One Group (Miessence)

Oh my gosh. Elizabeth is an absolute joy to work with. She delivers on her promises, can facilitate massive change in a high-risk situation with ease and grace, creates a harmonious and supportive win/ win/win environment for every stakeholder and has an almost angelic knack for bringing out the best in people. She is a total expert in her field with a bedside manner that kicks butt! She has my stamp of approval, gratitude, respect, and love.

Adam Houlahan

The solution to social media 4 business General Manager – One Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth throughout this year. It is no exaggeration to state her input into the re-structure project we are working on has been invaluable. Elizabeth’s focus & creativity are only overshadowed by her professionalism & commitment to achieve the best outcome possible. She has my deepest respect & friendship!

Norah Edelstein

Co-Founder at Full Life Engagement

I have worked with Elizabeth as a colleague for over 6 years and am continually awed by her skill, insight, and vision as a coach. Elizabeth is a dedicated leader who is committed to inspiring her clients to discover new levels of excellence and possibility. I highly recommend Elizabeth for any organization that is looking to improve the effectiveness of their leaders.

John Garruto

Vice President – Formulation Development at Skin-Medica, An Allergan Company

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Elizabeth McGoldrick during my skin care consultancy with USANA Health Sciences. Elizabeth is incredibly bright, vastly creative and has a remarkable ability to bring a diverse team together and manage a project flawlessly to completion. Additionally, she is a highly effective educator with excellent communication skills. It was a privilege to have worked with Elizabeth and indeed a pleasure to recommend her.

Herve Offredo

Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Barnet Products Corp

At USANA I met Elizabeth in the driver’s seat on the road to a great adventure – the launch of the Sense line. From scratch, she had to create a skin care line. Elizabeth was quick at picking the best active ingredients and finding the best positioning in terms of marketing with a neat packaging. She is a lovely person, easy to work with, passionate, conquering. I would not hesitate one minute to recommend her.

Adrian Ness

Director, Johnsons Corporate Pty. Ltd.

I worked closely with Elizabeth for a number of years in assisting with the establishment of Nu Skin International in Australia and then across Europe.

I cannot speak highly enough of Elizabeth. She is an extremely focused, passionate and energetic person and her training and coaching skills are second to none, she was a key mentor.

During the course of working together, Elizabeth assisted me with recruiting, training and public presentations to both small and large (100+) groups of people, eventually assisting me in the creation of an organization of over 1,000 distributors globally (a small portion of her broader network). As a leader Elizabeth was especially skilled at effectively communicating and negotiating across a range of people with varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds – she could always build trust and rally the troops to have them moving in the right direction. I have absolutely no hesitation in endorsing Elizabeth.

Bruce Sherlock

Chairman at The Sherlock Group

“Elizabeth is a born leader, a recruiter, second to none. Elizabeth’s main asset after recruiting is her ability to train and keep that person loyal to the company that employs Elizabeth herself. Elizabeth does not speak ill of anybody and has an honest disposition, her word is her bond.

When Elizabeth worked with me at NuSkin her work ethic was remarkable, the best recruiter I have seen…was a major player in the growth of NuSkin in Australia, could not have asked for a better colleague. All of the team felt the same way. Please telephone me regarding any verbal clarification you require.

In their words

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

More Testimonials

“Elizabeth was a huge asset in helping me reach my career goals – she pushed me to gain more than I hoped for personally and professionally. She gave me tools and resources to build effective professional relationships. And her methods for developing, and achieving, short and long-term career goals were invaluable. The practices I learned in our coaching sessions have lifelong applications and will no doubt be helpful in many stages of my career and life. Elizabeth is a compassionate, caring and motivating coach.”

D. M. Y. – Manager Corporate Relations
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

I hired Elizabeth after realizing that I was living a life of struggle and dissatisfaction, even though I was outwardly successful, had a wonderful family and had largely met my life goals. I had hoped to be guided towards a breakthrough to a life of peace and satisfaction, including a greater balance between my work and my home life, a stronger bond with my wife, and a deeper connection to my parents. What really shifted things for me during my coaching with Elizabeth was the impact of the revelation that my own perspective on things, my context, had such a large role in defining my reality. This gave me the power to look inward at my ‘filter’ and consider it as I interpreted my surroundings, relationships, communications, upsets, etc. and took action. So often I found that some past experience, some preconceived notion, some deeply held fear, or even a bad day at work was sabotaging my perception and my effort to lead a powerful life!

With support from Elizabeth, I was able to connect with an estranged co-worker whose performance directly impacted me and my job satisfaction by shedding preconceived notions of failure and disappointment brought upon by prior communication efforts. I was amazed that this worked on the very first try after I addressed the fact that my preconceptions about this person had been working against me!

I later shifted my work-life balance and regained time for my family with no impact on my job performance after considering that my frenetic work pace was driven more by my need to have control than it was by the requirements of my job.

My relationship with my beautiful wife blossomed as I chose to see her greatness and relate to her from the clear and present moment instead of focusing on avoiding disappointments from the past.

For the first time in many years, I overcame prior fear and disappointment and became proactive in communicating with my parents to begin establishing a lasting, meaningful bond between them and my family.

Elizabeth guided and supported me incredibly through all of this and I felt like a champion after all of our calls together.

The biggest gift I received from our work together is the power of choice, the power to choose the context in which I engage my life. With this, I now see the possibility of taking full responsibility for the life that I desire by essentially choosing my reality. My work with Elizabeth helped me move from a place of struggle and semi-satisfaction to one that I feel now offers me the choice of nearly limitless possibility.

C. M. – US Weather Service

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